Need of biomedical waste management in hospitals:

The reasons due to which there is great need of management of hospitals waste such as:

  • 1. Injuries from sharps leading to infection to all categories of hospital personnel and waste handler.
  • 2. Nosocomial infections in patients from poor infection control practices and poor waste management.
  • 3. Risk of infection outside hospital for waste handlers and scavengers and at time general public living in the vicinity of hospitals.
  • 4. Risk associated with hazardous chemicals, drugs to persons handling wastes at all levels.
  • 5. “Disposable” being repacked and sold by unscrupulous elements without even being washed.
  • 6. Drugs which have been disposed of, being repacked and sold off to unsuspecting buyers.
  • 7. Risk of air, water and soil pollution directly due to waste, or due to defective incineration emissions and ash.